Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our Healthcare company specialized in medical tourism started Since 2006, we are working with health tourism.

Turkish Health Club

Pain treatment

Acupuncture and cupping therapy

Analysis and production of functional foot insoles

Hand rehabilitation

Occupational therapy

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

Waist and neck pain

The neck and back pain

The back of neck pain

Tendonitis Treatment

The knee, shoulder pain

The knee, shoulder, hip arthritis

The most Dynamic smart exercise program

fibromyalgia treatment

Obesity rehabilitation

Rheumatic pain treatment

Nerve entrapment

Plantar fasciitis Treatment


Cardiac rehabilitation

Speech therapy

Adults treatment

Child treatment

Lymphedema treatment

Manual therapy

Banding and clinical kinezyolojik

Manual therapy and treatment methods

Neurological rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation

Hemiplegia – stroke

Parkinson’s disease

cerebral palsy, spina bifida


Orthopedic rehabilitation

Cruciate ligament injuries

Tearing Meniscus

Sports injuries

Pediatric rehabilitation

Reflexology massage

Diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis


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