Detox Antiaging

Detox Antiaging

Our Healthcare company specialized in medical tourism started Since 2006, we are working with health tourism.

Turkish Health Club

Alpha therapy

Water therapy

Anti-aging therapy

Basic detox program

Beauty therapy


Metabolism level test

Cardiovascular program

Purification program

Diabetes control program

Energy and immune system program

Relaxation treatment program

Weight control program

Cold sauna

Colon hydrotherapy

Energy flow program (Bodrum)

Salt therapy (Bodrum)

Acupuncture (Istanbul)

Electric therapy -(Istanbul)

Liver cleaning (Istanbul)

Manual therapy (Istanbul)

Neural therapy (Istanbul)

Per2000 (Istanbul)

Relaxing dance therapy (Istanbul)

Turbosonic vibration therapy


EFT therapy


Food test

Glutathione therapy

Green detox program

Lettuce detox program

Immune cocktail

Indoor and outdoor fitness with personal trainer

Healthy diet program

Laser therapy

Healthy eating program with Low-calorie

Light therapy

Magnet Therapy

Matrix rhythm therapy

Omega 3 indexs test

Oxygen therapy

  • Ozone therapy
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Sauna
  • Rectal

Personal wellness and weight management


Sodium inhaler

Transformational breathing

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