Heybeli Thermal

Content: Chemical Classification: sodium bicarbonate, calcium, as sulphate in the spa water made, alternatively, sodium ion, calcium, magnesium, and cations such as iron chloride, sulfate ion, an anion, such as hydrogen carbonate and metasilicate acid.

Annual average temperature: 46 ‘- 52’

Average pH value: 7 ‘

Healing properties: seborrhea, acne, impetigo, intertrigo and other skin inflammation caused by streptokinase, eczema, particularly dry eczema, eczema, seborrheic, children’s eczema, psoriasis, certain types of Pelander, very repetitive herpos cases, urticaria, scabies cases, Heybeli the thermal waters some of it is good for the disease. benefit in disease states with the inhaler can be seen. Influenza, chronic amygdalitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma cases benefit by smelling. provide better results in the case of rheumatism. Joint rheumatism, arthritis xomatoit, endocarditis has healing properties in cases of rheumatism and arthrosis diseases. Neuritis and poşi diseases, gynecological diseases, perimentrit, anxiety, parametrit, has seen the benefits of myocarditis and heart neurosis, has also been observed that decreases blood and urine sugar in diabetes.

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