Special Offer For Tummy Tuck

  • Airport – Hospital – Airport transport
  • Primary examinations
  • Standart blood and anesthesia examinations
  • Tummy Tuck operation
  • Total 2 nights accommodation at the hospital’s standart patient room for double stay with 1 companion
  • English, German, Russian, Arabic translator

Inclusive price:


  • For USD payments


    Package price

  • For EURO payments

    Package price

  • For GBP payments


    Package price

Please don’t forget:

  • During the examination, if surgeon finds different problems, program and price can change
  • Given package prepared regarding to sended reports, responsibility of reliability and accuracy of sended reports belongs to patient
  • Patient have right to change the doctor and refuse offered treatment package but if patient received any service before the refuse treatment, have to pay for given services.
  • Company have right to change or cancel offer when needs.
  • In force majeure situations like pandemia, revolution, accidents, death, natural disasters, war and etc. reservations will be cancelled, if have prepayments will refund at the appropriate time, also company can change surgeon in those conditions.